The typical romagnola cuisine

Flavors, scents and genuine ingredients

The true and unique Romagna cuisine, a world of inimitable flavors, inebriating and delicious scents to taste and tell!

We use the best ingredients, fresh and genuine, to enhance the locality of our territory, from fish to meat, to the first home-made ... you will love every suggestion of our hotel.
Every dish has its own history, and it is for us a unique pride, the secret of our cuisine is to pamper your palate with flavorful proposals!

Our sweet and savory breakfast will start your day with energy and vitality: dine every morning with simple brioches or with various fillings, home desserts, bread, roasted slices, cereals, fruits, jams and delicious chocolate creams and accompanying them Coffee, milk, cappuccino, yoghurt and juices.
Not only sweet but try our breakfast with cold meats and cheeses!

We love variety and we offer it every day with our meat and fish menus and vegetable, first and second courses prepared with the ingredients of our territory combined with our passion and love for cooking.

Even children are the guests to whom we pay special attention!
Our chefs prepare special menus dedicated to giving Mom and Dad a chance to spend a vacation without thought.
You will enjoy the beach as you like with your family thanks to our comfortable and flexible meal times .... so your vacation at the sea becomes unforgettable!

And for lovers of sweets ...

Homemade pies, cakes and hazelnuts with the best creams and jams, and lots of deliciousness to win every taste!

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